Case Studies of StepChange Innovations Projects in the Chemical and Textile Industry


Chemical Industry, India, Manufacturer


StepChange  Innovations GmbH has cooperated since 2009 in a long-term agreement with a big chemical industrial group in Gujarat, India, in research & development. Prior to the cooperation with StepChange  Innovations, the client faced significant challenges with a lack of innovation and technological  gaps to the market leaders in the industry. StepChange  Innovations supported the client in building a corporate culture for R&D and innovation management, trained staff and led several important R&D projects from initial chemical design in the laboratory to production scale, advised in technical marketing of the new product generation, and supported  large expansion projects  for clients´ production. Significant additions to the clients product portfolio have been achieved in the meantime. The co-operation is ongoing.


Chemical Industry, China, Manufacturer


A large scale chemical manufacturer in China has seeked advice from StepChange Innovations GmbH for planning of a brand new R&D center in China. The scope of the R&D center project was to advise the client in planning of  the infrastructure and laboratory equipment to meet future requirements for research in specialty chemicals, including  handling of very hazardous chemicals in laboratory and pilot plant scale. 



Textile Industry, Turkey, Distributor


StepChange  Innovations GmbH cooperates since 2011 with a trading company based in Istanbul, Turkey. The client supplies dyes and chemicals to big textile manufacturers in Turkey. This long-term cooperation includes strategy consulting , product management, technical marketing, procurement as well as research & development.

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