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Company history and business

StepChange Innovations GmbH was established in 2009 in Hofheim, Germany, as a consultancy company for technology development. In 2014 we relocated to Kandern, Germany.
We offer professional services in innovation management and technology consulting for the manufacturing and financial industries. Our prime focus in on the chemical and textile industry.
StepChange Innovations GmbH operates in networks with cooperation partners and research labs worldwide.

The founder and director

portrait of Stepchange Innovations director Dr. Schumacher

The founder and director of StepChange Innovations GmbH, Dr. Christian Schumacher, has more than 20 years of experience in the chemical industry. Dr. Schumacher served in various high ranked management positions with global players such as Hoechst AG and DyStar Textilfarben GmbH, in Germany and overseas. He worked as global head of R&D, senior regional business manager Asia Pacific, located in Singapore, as head of e-commerce and head of marketing services, as new product development manager and as R&D chemist.
Dr. Schumacher is inventor or co-inventor of over 30 patents in the field of textile dyes. He holds a Ph.D degree in chemistry from the University of Stuttgart, Germany, and a Master of Science degree from the University of Cincinnati, USA.

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