Modern Tools in Science

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modern tools in science

Today´s increasing challenges in R&D require scientific excellence and high speed of development for fast time to market of your innovations. With the use of the right tools a phantastic increase of speed and efficiency in scientific research & development (R&D) can be achieved.
StepChange Innovations directors and senior managers are experienced in some of the most important modern tools in science : Molecular modelling, electronic laboratory notebooks (ELNs), online literature and patent search tools, statistical process design, multivariate data analysis, screening databases and high throughput laboratory automisation, just to mention a few, particular important ones.

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We offer

  • Workshops for assessment of clients background and requirements in the use of R&D tools
  • Consulting when and how to use modern scientifc tools as best practice
  • Model creation to illustrate the return on investment (ROI) for projects
  • Vendor due diligence for specific R&D tools
  • Implementation of modern techniques in R&D
  • Development of scientific software and web applications

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