REACh Consulting for Chemical Law Compliance

REACh strategy and registration of new compounds under REACh, the EU chemical law.

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REACh consulting

The new Chemical law REACh in the European Union can be a risk but also a chance for businesses. REACh will reach you everywhere. Even in countries not under EU legislation similar legal frameworks are planned or already implemented, or customers are requesting to use only products registered under REACh. The first phase of pre-registrations was mainly a simple bureaucratic act. The second phase to register all products under REACH will be very costly for either sharing of cost to buy necessary biological dossiers, or create new dossiers as requested under REACh.
This is the time for portfolio review, streamlining and strategic innovations. We can help small and medium enterprises in developing and implementing a strategy to make the best out of REACh.

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We offer

  • Strategy consulting how to cope with REACh in the European Union
  • Guidance how to do registration of new compounds under REACh
  • Support in portfolio streamlining and cost optimisation to reduce the cost of REACh registrations
  • Evaluate clients product database for REACH compliance
  • Support clients in sameness analytical dossiers
  • Work with Only Representatives to make sure client´s strategic interests are considered in SIEFs
  • Strategy consulting how to use REACH compliance as a marketing tool
For examples of StepChange Innovations projects at clients see case study

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