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Experienced project management consultants of StepChange Innovations GmbH optimise your project management

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Professional project management is key to success in the implementation of all R&D initiatives.
It is a essential tool to speed up the innovation process and shorten time to market for new product development.
We support your company in professional optimisation of project management for technology development, product innovation, new product development and process optimisation projects.
We use financial measurables such as ROI (return on investment) and NPV (net present value) for planning and evaluations of research projects.

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We offer consulting in project management for sustainable optimisation of your project management
  • planning of complex projects from research stage to market
  • establish professional project management and project portfolio management
  • tracking of milestones and decision making
  • support in establishling complex intercultural and interdiscplinary project management organisations
  • develop and implement project tracking measurables such as dashboards and key performance indicators (KPI´s)


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