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Innovation makes a difference to your business. Key Success factors for a successful innovations are a market and customer oriented innovation process, and creative teams with innovative thinkers.
Besides creative ideas, the inventions have to be implemented and converted to commercial products and services. This requires a good infrastructure with modern scientific laboratories, high efficiency by using the right tools, professional project management, strong interdisciplinary teams, fit to corporate strategy and ownership by the management.
Our senior consultants and directors have 20 years of experience in the chemical industry in R&D and top management. We cover scientific research & development as well as application based product development. Our innovation consultants will advise you how to implement professional innovation management in technology development, product innovation or product development.

We offer

  • Consulting in innovation management to optimise your innovation process, for product innovation as well as technology innovation.
  • Innovation management audits by assessment of skills, business processes and existing technology base, SWOT analysis against competitors.
  • Innovation workshops and trainings in innovation management and modern innovation tools for client´s employees
  • Open Innovation approach to leverage the capabilities of your inhouse R&D
  • Lectures and presentations on innovation management for corporate events and seminars
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