Contract Research & Development (Contract R&D)

Outsourcing of R&D projects and laboratory services, guided by experienced consultants of StepChange Innovations GmbH.

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Your R&D budget is always under pressure, R&D has a high fixed cost and requires significant capital expenditure. You cannot afford to hire experts and buy new expensive equipment for every angle of the upcoming R&D challenges. In contract research (R&D) either complete R&D projects or specific R&D project modules and laboratory services are outsourced to trusted partners. There are many good reasons to do this besides high fixed cost of R&D: Lack of specific know-how in the own company, need for additional expertise in special areas, leverage of resources to buy in additional R&D capacities in a most flexible way, etc. It goes without saying that protection of know-how is of utmost importance and must not be compromised. StepChange Innovations consultants have a long experience in industrial R&D management and a long history of doing business in Asia, especially in India. We can guide you throughout the whole process of outsourcing. Our senior consultants have successfully managed outsourced R&D projects since many years.

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We offer
  • Outsourcing of whole R&D projects or R&D project modules – for new technology as well as for process optimisation in chemistry
  • Co-operations with world class contract research laboratories
  • Project leadership throughout the project for new technology development and process optimisation
  • The integrity of know-how is never compromised, due to a layer of professional know-how protection
  • All outcome of intellectual property such as patents always belongs to the client
For examples of StepChange Innovations projects at clients see case study.
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