Ecology Consulting for Chemicals and Textiles

Experienced consultants of StepChange Innovations GmbH support you to ensure compliance to legal and retailer requirements for chemicals and textiles

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ecology consulting and profiling

With the shift of the chemical manufacturing and textile processing to Asia, buyers in the Western hemisphere are relying increasingly on third party suppliers from Asia.
There are many good and trustworthy companies - but how can you be sure ? Suppliers may promise you anything. Are you sure you know what you are buying ? And moreover, are you sure you know what you are selling ?
New challenges for sustainable production processes will arise in the future from the zero discharge roadmap initiated by Greenpeace and supported by international brands such as adidas, H&M, Nike and Puma. It is considered as an important step towards the elimination of all releases of hazardous substances from the brands' supply chains and products by 2020, for more sustainable production processes.
StepChange Innovations and our network of experts is focused on chemicals and textile manufacturing.
In particular, we are well familiar with the ecological issues in the application of textile dyes and chemicals. We are well connected to Asia, especially to India.


We offer ecology consulting services for the chemical and textile industries

  • Ecology profiling for assessment of critical ecology parameters in manufacturing
  • Risk assessment reports for brands corporate sustainability reports
  • Consulting how to implement more sustainable production processes
  • Quality assurance testing of products to ensure compliance with legal and specific retailer requirements
  • Compliance audits at suppliers for key ecology parameters
  • Guidance to implement Green Chemistry
For examples of StepChange Innovations projects at clients read case studies. Download the information flyer of our ecology consulting for textiles.

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